How NOT to add 10 pounds on camera!

Let’s face it, the world has given us access to millions of photos. Whether on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you seem to find yourself scrolling for hours. If you’re anything like most people, the last thing you want is for the camera to add extra weight when you’re being photographed. While you can’t necessarily drop 10 pounds right before a shoot, you can however, follow these steps to instantly capture the best version of yourself.


I can’t take credit for this one, but when I went to Shutterfest, a headshot photographer, Peter Hurley demonstrated a technique he calls, “hold the sub.” To do this, you need to stand up straight, keep your elbows down by your side and pretend you are holding a 6-foot-long sub sandwich. This is tightening up your arms, which in return, will fix your posture and position your arms in a way that is flattering in photographs.

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In photography, there is no right angle. There are however, wrong angles. If you give your phone to someone to take a picture of yourself, make sure they are not photographing you from a low angle if you know that shows off your double chin. However if you know that it makes you look elongated and thinner, then go for it! It all depends on what works best for your body type.

If you’re wanting to avoid a double chin in your photos then have someone take a photo of you from a higher angle. Tell your friend to stand in a chair, give your phone to your really tall friend or if taking a selfie, hold the camera where it’s pointing down at you. This makes you look thinner and eliminates any possibility of a double chin. Honestly, just test it out and experiment with a bunch of different angles. Whenever you find the one that looks best on you, use that! 


If you’re going to be photographed, the clothes you wear can drastically make you look thinner if you choose the right outfits. Wearing clothes that are dark and a solid color is the most flattering on women. Try to avoid loud patterns and prints. However, if you are wanting something other than solids, wear vertical stripes. These tend to make the body seem more narrow and proportionate.

Make sure that the clothes you wear fit you well. Sometimes if we’re self-conscious about our body, we try to wear things that cover up the features we don’t like about ourselves (like an oversized t-shirt). DON’T DO IT. This also covers up your good features. Don’t wear something that engulfs your body and doesn’t show off your curves. Do however, wear something that is form fitting and makes you feel comfortable and confident.

To recap, when taking a photo of yourself wear clothes that fit well, are darker in color and go for solids. Pick the best angels that compliment your body type. And if you’re taking a picture from the chest up, use the “hold the sub” technique (it never disappoints)  

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