What 3 Years of Practice Looks Like


Then vs. Now

Let me start off by saying I’m by no means the best photographer out there….yet! However, I feel confident in my ability to find the best lighting, setting up a shot and editing/color correcting an image. For my first blog post, I decided to dive into the depths of my external hard drive to find some of the first photographs I took as a self proclaimed photographer and compare them to some of my most recent work. Thank God for change!


1. 2015 vs. 2018

This was the first image I took of my friend, Cintya during a study abroad trip to Costa Rica. The second image is the same person taken a few weeks ago. I think I definitely owed her a better portrait.


2. 2015 vs. 2018

The first image was an attempt at taking a candid photo. In my opinion, a candid shot it taken when the subject is caught off guard or you quickly ask the subject to take a few snapshots of them.


3. 2015 vs. 2018

The next images were the before and afters of what I thought in my head, “would make a good magazine cover.” My thought process of what I think could be in a magazine has changed quite a bit.


4. 2015 vs. 2018

The first image was another attempt at shooting couples. This is a picture of my sister and her now husband on a trip to the mountains. The second photograph was taken in New York City and to me, is a much better job at lighting. For the first photo, I used an off camera flash in mid-day when the sunlight was good enough. The second photo I realized that the sunlight available was actually enough so I left my flash in my bag this time. The subjects are no longer overexposed.


5. 2015 vs. 2018

These last two images were both shot within 10 minutes of being with the model. Sometimes you only get a few minutes to photograph someone, so you need to know a good way to set up the shot for the best possible outcome.


As you can see, there is a major difference between when I first started and now. I guess the moral of this story is that practice really does make perfect…. or at least practice makes you better. It took 3 years and a lot of time invested in workshops, photography videos/articles, and PRACTICE to get to this point. I’m still learning and experimenting with my work, which I think is key if you’re going to make it as a photographer. There is always something new to learn in this industry. So if you’re an aspiring photographer who feels your work is not where you want it to be, keep practicing and you’ll get better.

Thanks for reading!


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